Ambition eBook: The Ambition Way

This brief white paper shows how to apply the scientific method to refining your sales process. 

What's inside:
    • Four-step guide to applying the scientific method to sales.
    • Benefits of applying the scientific method approach.
    • Examples of successful implementation.
    • How Ambition creates scientific ways to measure sales success.
Author: Rob deCarvalho. Ambition Chief Data Scientist. 

Rob's Background: NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. MIT Lincoln Labs. Dept of Defense.
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The Ambition Platform

A category-redefining, industry-leading, comprehensive solution for performance-focused organizations.



Connect all of your systems for end-to-end transparency and accountability. Ambition supports Salesforce, API, FTP, File Upload, Manual Entry.



Set and track milestones for employees, managers, groups, organization. Goals can be synced to real-time metrics or tracked free-form for maximum flexibility.



Promote accountability by defining and benchmarking short-term activities and long-term objectives for employees to see and own in their quest for success.



Setup contests and utilize our critically-acclaimed "Fantasy Football" system for consistent results across not just top performers but your middle 70%.